Restorative Justice

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Restorative Justice is an integral part of the Northwestern District Attorney's justice practices. The District Attorney sits on the state-wide Restorative Justice Advisory Committee and advocates for the incorporation of restorative practices into the resolution of cases throughout his district.

All juvenile dispositions attempt to incorporate restorative practices to help youth rehabilitate, deepen their understanding of the impact of their behavior, and forge a positive connection with the community. Such practices may include:

  • restitution
  • community service
  • apology to the individual directly affected
  • victim-offender dialogue in restorative circle
  • appropriate counseling (for example substance abuse, family issues etc.)
  • education on impact and triggers of offending behavior
  • skill-building to help to prevent recidivism and deepen understanding of impact of behaviors

Additionally, many of the case outcomes in our district courts involve dispositions where restitution, letters of apology, community service or other restorative practices are employed.

For more information, contact:

Community Relations Coordinator                                Community Restorative Justice Program
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