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Consent: The Differences Between Sex and Rape - Ending Sexual Assaults On Campuses 

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The Northwestern District Attorney's Office and partners have developed materials to raise awareness of sexual assault on campuses. Representatives of the Office and area colleges including the University of Massachusetts; Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges and Greenfield Community College met at an initial conference in Spring 2013. Since then, the University of Massachusetts has adapted some of the campaign materials and video public service announcements to help educate students about how to prevent sexual assaults from occurring as part of the UMatter@UMass campaign. Posters are displayed on local college buses and in dormitories. Links to view the videos and download PDFs are at right.


Men Can Stop Rape
Vision: To institutionalize primary prevention of men’s violence against women through sustained initiatives that generate positive, measurable outcomes in populations throughout the world.

National Organization for Men Against Sexism
The National Organization for Men Against Sexism is an activist organization of men and women supporting positive changes for men. NOMAS advocates a perspective that is pro-feminist, gay affirmative, anti-racist, dedicated to enhancing men's lives, and committed to justice on a broad range of social issues including class, age, religion, and physical abilities.

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Red Flag Campaign
The Red Flag Campaign is a public awareness campaign designed to address dating violence and promote the prevention of dating violence on college campuses.

Mentors in Violence Prevention
is a leadership program focused on preventing all forms of men’s violence against women. The multi-racial, mixed gender MVP Program is the first large-scale attempt to enlist high school, collegiate and professional athletes in the fight against this violence.

Smartphone Apps 

Circle of 6
With Circle of 6, you can connect with your friends to stay close, stay safe and prevent violence before it happens. The Circle of 6 app for your iPhone makes it quick and easy to reach the 6 friends you choose.

Life360 enables families to see where their loved ones are located, when they need help and what the threats might be around them. It creates a private family "channel" that allows real-time "Check Ins" with the tap of a button from any family member.

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For more information about the  Campaign to End Sexual Assault on Campuses: Contact Mary Kociela, NWDA Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs Director.

consent PSA flyer consent PSA flyer 

Click on posters for PDFs that you can download and reproduce.
Help spread the message: Share this link to three short video public service announcements.

  • Watch the "Guy Talk" PSA here
  • Watch the "Asserts" PSA here.
  • Watch the "Bystander" PSA here

Campus Dating Violence Fact Sheet

Daily Hampshire Gazette editorial on campaign


New York Times article about bystander intervention and NWDA-UMass campaign 

Click on the posters below for PDFs so you can reproduce them.

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bystander poster consent poster