District Court

Photo of ADA Michael Russo
ADA Michael Russo, Chief of District Court

The District Court serves as the gateway to the criminal justice system.  The vast majority of criminal cases are prosecuted there. The District Courts in the Northwestern District are located in Northampton, Belchertown, Greenfield and Orange.  For addresses and phone numbers, please see our Around the District page.

These courts have jurisdiction over all misdemeanors, including drug offenses, public order offenses and motor vehicle offenses.  The District Courts also have jurisdiction over felonies that are punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 5 years.  These crimes include, but are not limited to, various forms of physical assaults, property crimes, and certain weapon-related offenses. 

Defendants convicted in a District Court can be sentenced to incarceration in a jail or house of correction. 

Juries in District Court cases consist of 6 persons. 

The District Courts in our counties are home to several progressive initiatives including specialty court sessions and diversion programs.  Our specialty courts include a Veteran’s Treatment Court session held in the Holyoke District Court in Hampden County and Adult Drug Courts in the Northampton, Greenfield and Orange District Courts.  Our diversion programs include a Drug Diversion Treatment Program for adults in need of treatment for opioid and cocaine addiction and an Adult Division Programs for low level misdemeanor offenses.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Russo is the Chief of the District Court Unit.  ADA Russo is responsible for the supervision of fourteen Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the four District Courts.