Conviction Integrity

The Northwestern District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to investigating claims of wrongful convictions and taking remedial action as necessary to correct such errors.  The office is also committed to facilitating access to post-conviction DNA testing for viable innocence claims. The Conviction Integrity Review Process has been devised to minimize the impact of cognitive biases and respond to claims of wrongful convictions in a fair, efficient, and comprehensive manner. The Conviction Integrity Committee is honored to partner with retired Superior Court Judge Bertha Josephson in its review of wrongful conviction claims.

The Committee reviews claims raised by G. L. c. 278A motions, Rule 30 motions for new trial that include a claim of factual innocence, or through a letter to the District Attorney’s Office by a convicted defendant, or an attorney who represented or currently represents a convicted defendant, that alleges a wrongful conviction.

It is District Attorney Sullivan's firm belief that basic fairness requires that prosecutors’ offices be willing to step back and review their work.