Northampton man pleads guilty to arson charges


Gregory McMaster, 40, of Northampton, pleaded guilty in Hampshire Superior Court today, Aug. 23, on arson and other charges in connection with the setting of two fires, one behind the CVS on King Street and to a tool shed on Prospect Street, in October, 2017.

McMaster was sentenced to 3 years-3 years and a day on two counts of burning a building and three years of probation on one count of burning personal property, one count of assault and battery on a public employee, and one count of intimidation of a witness. The prison sentences are to be served concurrently as is the probation on the other charges.

McMaster was arrested on Oct. 9 after setting fire to several stacks of plastic containers on pallets covered with a tarp behind CVS pharmacy on King Street, and then setting fire to a tool shed at Congregation B’nai Israel’s Abundance Farm on Prospect Street.

He spat on an officer while being taken to the police station, threatened to fight him and threatened the officer’s family,  which led to the assault and battery and witness intimidation charges.

McMaster must also remain drug and alcohol free, submit to testing, continue with his counseling and attend 90 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, one per day, for 90 days, pursuant to probation.