Emergency Preparedness: What you will need for sheltering in place or going to a shelter



Emergency Preparedness: What you will need for sheltering in place or going to a shelter:

If you have time before you leave your home:

·     Identify Shelters in your area

·     Unplug unnecessary electrical devices

·     Inform your family where you are going

·     Shelters may not allow pets; make other arrangements

·     Prepare your Grab and Go Bag

Grab and Go Bag Contents if you need to leave your home:

1.     Keys

2.      Flashlight

3.      Hand sanitizer

4.      Bottle of water

5.     Toothbrush/toothpaste

6.     Toiletries (shampoo)

7.      Copy of Health Care Proxy

8.      License or photo I.D.

9.      Cash not more than $25.00

10.      Health Insurance Card/Medicare Card/or other health information

11.      Pajamas/Night Clothes

12.      1 day of clothes including undergarments

13.      Phone/address book

14.      Hand held radio with batteries, tune in to Radio Stations 560 A.M. or 94.7 F.M. for updates

15.     Puzzle books, magazines

16.     Pen

17.      Pad

18.      Glasses/case

19.      Reading book

20.      Photocopy of credit card information

21.      Medication for a few days

22.      Small pillow

23.      Brush/comb

24.      Toiletries (person items such as deodorant, mouthwash, soap, shampoo, etc)

25.      Pet food if pets are allowed in shelter

26.      Hearing aid batteries

27.     Towel

28.     Photo copies of any legal or insurance documents you think you might need

Sheltering At Home:

·     Water one gallon per person, per day (at least 5 day supply)

·     Food non-perishable, easy to prepare (at least 5 day supply)

·     Flashlight and extra batteries

·     First aid supplies

·     Medication – seven day supply

·     Personal Hygiene supplies

·     Copies of personal documents – medication list and pertinent medical information

·     Cell phone with charger, car and home

·     Fill up your cars gas tank

·     Blankets /sleeping bags

·     Extra cash

·     Manual can opener

·     Games and activities for children

·     Matches or lighters

·     Weather radio if possible

·     Extra pet supplies

·     Multi-purpose tools