NWDA to Mark Consumer Protection Week with March Events

03.03.2019 - 04:15PM to 03.09.2019 - 04:15PM
Locations throughout Hampshire and Franklin Counties

Scam artists love to be paid with gift cards or by wiring money, because they get your money fast and disappear quickly.  The new twist is getting you to send cash to them in the mail.

“Before you send any money to someone you don’t know, call our Consumer Protection Unit first to make sure it’s not a scam,” advises Northwestern District Attorney David E. Sullivan. You can reach our consumer specialists at  (413) 774-3186 in Greenfield or (413) 586-9225 in Northampton.

There are many stories scammers use to trick you into sending money. Examples include the grandparent scam in which they pretend to be a loved one in need, the lottery scam, IRS scam, romance scams and computer tech scams.

March 3-9 is National Consumer Protection Week, when groups nationwide, including the local Consumer Protection Unit, will be sharing tips and information to help consumers protect their privacy, manage money and debt, avoid identity theft, and avoid frauds and scams. 

The Consumer Protection Unit of the Northwestern District Attorney's Office, working in cooperation with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, receives thousands of calls a year and can provide consumer assistance and education. 

Our Consumer Protection Unit specialists will be at various locations throughout the valley all month long with tips and consumer protection materials for consumers. Drop by and see them!

Monday March 4 - Jon Zon Community Center-Greenfield - Financial Literacy Throwdown Senior Savvy Showdown Game - 11 a.m. - noon

Wednesday, March 6 - Athol Senior Center - Financial Literacy Throwdown Senior Savvy Showdown Game - Time tba

Friday, March 8 - Easthampton Lunch & Learn Panel - Easthampton Senior Center - 1 p.m.

Tuesday, March 19 - Greenfield Community College - High School Reality Fair  - Time tba

Thursday, March 21 - Greenfield Community College High School Reality Fair - Time tba

Tuesday, March 26 - Northampton Senior Center - Recognizing scams & financial exploitation - Time tba