Employment Opportunities

DATE:                            OCTOBER, 2018



The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (DV/SA) Unit of the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office oversees the investigation and prosecution of all DV/SA cases in the district where the victim is an adult (18 years of age or older).  The ADA assigned to the DV/SA Unit will work in collaboration with and under the supervision of the Chief of the DV/SA Unit.  The ADA will primarily be responsible for the domestic violence side of the unit while the Chief will primarily handle the sexual assault side of the unit.  However, the ADA will at times also be involved in sexual assault investigations, cases, supervision, programs, and training.


  • Perform all legal functions related to the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases, and some sexual assault cases, in both the District and Superior Courts;
  • Mentor and assist District Court ADAs with respect to their handling of domestic violence cases;
  • Review domestic violence cases arraigned in the District Court for indictment and provide guidance to the District Court ADAs if case is determined to remain in the District Court;
  • Respond to requests for assistance/guidance from law enforcement regarding domestic violence issues and investigations;
  • Assist law enforcement with pre-charging investigations;
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the NDAO Domestic Violence High Risk Team, including attendance at all HRT meetings;
  • Serve as a member and/or District Attorney’s designee on boards, coalitions, task forces and groups as assigned;
  • Coordinate and provide training for ADAs, victim witness advocates, law enforcement professionals, and community partners regarding domestic violence and sexual assault;
  • Participate in community outreach, education, prevention and training programs;
  • Assist in short and long range office planning and the development of goals and objectives for the handling of DV/SA cases;
  • Assist in the maintenance of statistical data and records relating to domestic violence and sexual assault investigations and prosecutions; and
  • Assist with the preparation and submission of grant applications and reports.


  • At least four years of trial experience including grand jury and Superior Court
  • Experience working with victims of physical and/or sexual abuse
  • Public speaking/training/presentation experience
  • Supervisory experience preferred

SALARY RANGE: $65,000 to $75,000


Applicants must submit cover letter, resume and NWDA Employment Application Form, (form located below) to martha.murphy-kane@state.ma.us