Bicycle Safety

NEW: Click HERE for the Massachusetts State Police Academy Training Bulletin 2017-11
"Bicycling on Roadways"

Motor vehicle crashes is a leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 35, and about one out of six of those is a pedestrian or bicyclist.

The 11-minute police training video below called “Shifting Gears: Bicyclists & Public Safety” was produced by MassBike, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Boston Police Academy to enhance the safety of bicyclists and other roadway users.

It is intended for local police departments to use as training for officers to become familiar with or enhance their knowledge of bicyclist behavior and applicable laws, and motorist interactions with bicyclists and applicable laws.

Topics covered include bicyclists’ right to the road, "dooring," safe passing, yielding to bicyclists on turns, parking in bike lanes, bicyclists’ compliance with rules of the road, hand signals, yielding to pedestrians, lights at night, wrong-way bicycling, and crash investigation.

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