Drug Misuse

The NWDA is proud to present addiction specialist Dr. Ruth Potee, who describes how and why it is important to reduce or eliminate the use of opioids in treating sports injuries in "Athletes, Opioids & Addiction." A 17-minute video produced in consultation with the Massachusetts Athletic Association, it is being shown at area high schools to student athletes, parents and coaches and on local community access TV stations.

Read an evaluation of the results of pre- and post-film showing surveys administered at presentations of  “Athletes, Opioids and Addiction” here.

At the conference for school nurses and guidance counselors held in Hadley on January 15, 2016, Dr. Ruth Potee presented on "The Physiology of Addiction and Strategies for Substance Abuse Prevention within the School Community." Dr. Robert Roose presented “Marijuana: A Drug, Medicine, or a Drug as Medicine?" Videos of their presentations produced by the NWDA are below. Links to their slides are right.

Dr. Ruth Potee: "The Physiology of Addiction and Strategies for Substance Use Prevention within the School

Dr Robert Roose: “Marijuana: A Drug, Medicine, or a Drug as Medicine?”


"Heroin: A Community Response To A Community Crisis" - The Feb. 24, 2014 First Annual Community Conference, sponsored by the Opioid Education and Awareness Task Force and held at Greenfield Community College, brought together professionals and community members to address the heroin epidemic and improve the quality of life in our community. Dr. Ruth Potee gave the keynote speech. You can see former GCC President Robert Pura's introduction below.  Part one of the presentation introduced the problem and some of the immediate agency responses. Part two focused on court awareness and the Woburn H.E.A.T. Program.